Introducing a Brit (and American citizen), Dr. Tony J. (T.J.) Read, and a Canadian, Rhonda Lee (R.L.) Read. We want to share our travel stories from around the world, covering six decades. The book is for light-hearted travelers in pursuit of the funny side of life, but whom are equally intrigued with the world around them, and with reflections over time. Such travelers are perhaps trying to comprehend the “meaning-of-life,” the Monty Python way; whom enjoy a sprinkle of good ‘ol English irony and a hint of sarcasm to emphasize the humour in various events.

In pursuit of the “holy grail,” Dr. TJ has travelled to 104 countries and territories, covering six continents. Thus, as per "The Traveler’s Century Club" (TCC) guidelines updated in 2014, he became a member in January 2018. RL is not far behind, having travelled to 70 countries and territories. Together we have travelled to some 65 countries and territories over 15 years, but have yet to find the elusive cup, the elixir of life. But in reference to Monty Python we did encounter a proletarian mud-mover, a gaggle of virgins and a black knight… where “none shall pass.” More of this surreal state-of-mind later.

Our hope that as you read on and travel through six decades across the world and back again, that you will be able to reflect on your experiences and journey. Where were you when the Berlin wall went up in 1961 or came down in 1989? Did you feel for the Germans? Did you cheer when England beat them in the 1966 soccer World Cup? Where were you in 1997 when Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris? How did you feel? Did you experience the eye of hurricane Hugo in the fall of 1989? What about 2013, when the Dow industrial index hit a 5-year high? Were you on the beach or still crying over the 2008 loss?

Together, we can journey through our lives, share some great places to visit and laugh at some unusual events. Maybe you will reflect on the wonders of the world we live in, tolerating the people that get in the way! Despite our many adventures to date, we have only travelled to 40% of the Lonely Planet's “Ultimate Travelist” (2015) of their 500 top destinations. We will continue on our journey because the world has so much to offer and enjoy.